22 June, 2016

Natives land rights

I am very shocked to hear that a Dayak activist, Bill Kayong was murdered in Lutong yesterday. Previously there had been other similar cases; but this is the most outrageous one. He was shot, in broad day light, as he stopped at a traffic light.




15 June, 2016

Cyber friends

The ideal case...

Ages ago I realized that we got to move with the times and make friends in cyber space. It is no longer practical to have only one type of [friends]. Those that we can meet face to face is good; but there are also [friends] we can make on the world wide web who we may have little chance to meet except on line.

In many ways these [cyber friends] are more convenient, especially when we are house bound and cannot realistically travel all over the world any more. The ideal case is of course a friend whom we know once upon a time and can now contact daily on the keyboard.

We can actually have the best of both worlds by starting a group on FB and put all our relatives and friends there and [chat] every day with people who have something in common with us. For me this is OS.

14 June, 2016

Face Book and blogs

I know many people who use Face Book every day. They use it because it is there and this social medium is extremely user friendly. No need to be a computer expert to use FB. Any one owning a smart phone can access Face Book and talk to their [friends] instantly irrespective of where they are located in the world.

When I retired 2002 in New Zealand, my daughter introduced me to FB. It did not attract me at all because what is the point of [talking] to complete strangers on the other side of the world? After a few weeks she introduced me to blogging. Blogs I like because I like to rant. It allows me to do this with no interruptions at all. My own soap box in a corner of Hyde Park and my audience is world wide. Then I did something very meaningful. I wrote down my own family history for my grand children to discover one day on the web. Can you imagine their surprise when they discover my blogs one day in the future.

03 June, 2016

a matter of face

Before you envisage grand schemes to change the government, you need to change yourself.

The Asian concept of face is difficult to shake off. You do not want to be seen as a troublemaker, or a voice of dissent. You seek people’s acceptance. You may be one of the nation’s most vocal critics, but only in the privacy of your own home, or in the coffee-shop.

Unfortunately, the nation’s leaders mistake your silence for approval. Your silence emboldens them and their supporters. The confidence of the leaders, whom you blame for corruption, injustice and abuse of power, grows, while you become more disgruntled. Why blame the government? You had a hand in their ‘success’.

02 June, 2016

Land bank

In NZ there are three types of Chinese: overseas Chinese like me, Beijing Chinese and Chinese from Taiwan. I meet quite a few of these playing golf with me in NZ. These are well to do Taiwanese who accompany children to NZ to study, retired school teachers or rich men looking for a place to retire in comfort.

A few are filthy rich. They buy land and use it as [land bank] in NZ. There is this chap who bought up farm land near Hamilton to plant tea, or so it appears. It is certainly more complicated than that. The jobs they advertised asked for 10 years experience in picking green tea! Not many Maori qualify for this job!


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