25 April, 2015


There are many Chinese American laundry shops in the USA and they normally use Chinese names. There is one very popular laundry shop chain named Goldberg Laundry but it is owned and operated by a Chinese family. One day a customer gets very curious and asks the owner how come the name of their laundry shop is Jewish even though they are Chinese. "Well, it happened like this," the owner, whose surname is Ting, explains. "My grandfather was lining up for registration at the Immigration counter and he was behind a Jewish gentleman who reported that his name was Goldberg. Then my grandfather's turn was next and when asked to report his name, he said,"Sam Ting."

15 April, 2015

Guaranteed burglary

In NZ, if you called the police to report a burglary, they never come to your house. They are too busy on the road operating mobile speed cameras earning revenue for the gomen. Some Kiwis pay security firms to install house alarms. I refuse to do this for one simple reason. From the start, you have to folk out $2,300 for the installation of the alarm which in my opinion is almost like a guaranteed burglary of your property worth $2,300. There are other payments eg if you are away on holidays and your alarm goes, you pay them $50 per visit to your house to check and then turn off the alarm. In case the noise bothers your neighbours and they throw a brick through your front window.

13 April, 2015

A new Teresa Teng, 陳佳

05 April, 2015

I surrender!

This photo taken by a journalist shows how children are traumatized by the war in Syria. More details are available here. It is so sad that adults make war, but the children suffer.


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