31 July, 2016



26 July, 2016

Mao vs Chiang

China experienced a deadly civil war early in the last century. Millions lost their lives. Even today Chinese are still divided into two camps: Communists and Kuomintang. Russia helped Mao and USA helped Chiang to kill one another. Mao won in the end and Chiang took up permanent residence on a small island off the coast of China. Many books have been written about these two men.

23 July, 2016

Trump vs Hilary

An opinion shared by an old friend who lived in USA since 1965:


"My political views change over time, depending on what the current issues are. Not that it matters, I don't remember having voted for Democratic presidential candidates since I became eligible to vote (1978). I did so because the candidate for whom I cast my vote held views much aligned with my own, not because I belonged to any political party, or listened to or was persuaded by any other voters.

What I will and can do:

18 July, 2016

sleeping in cars

The rich has many ways to grow richer. They use family trusts and other devices not to pay income tax. There is no capital gains tax and foreigners do not need to declare or pay tax on money earned elsewhere. The gomen encourages people here to get richer. It is all above board and legal. This system is the capitalist way (as opposed to the communists way)


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