31 August, 2015

Plum blossoms

It looks like a bumper year this year for plums. Last year it was Feijoas.

The lemons are also plentiful.

A FaceBook group, OS

I was kicked out of a Face Book group, MOTP because I mentioned religion and Islam in my comments. These and politics were taboo subjects. The admin was Irene Yong. She felt bad because I knew her personally. She reinstated me a week later, after consultation with her IT expert; but the damage was done. I became determined to have freedom of expression on the web. So I started a new group of my own, named Overseas Malaysians. The name later changed to Overseas Sarawakians.

01 June, 2015

Hobie 16

Hobie 16
In 1980 Chris Knight, MD of SSB was advertising for sale, his Hobie Cat for 13k. I wanted this catamaran very much; but could not afford to buy it at the time. This item stayed on my bucket list for over 30 years!


I was sailing a Yamaha Seahopper at the time. It was fast but it hasn't got a trapeze. So I looked for a dinghy which goes faster and has a trapeze like the Hobie and I found it.

17 May, 2015

A collapsible multi purpose trailer

kayak & trailer
Recently I bought a kayak from Trademe, a buy/sell NZ web site. When I asked the seller how he was going to deliver it to Pokeno for me, he said that he was using a special collapsible garden trailer. As agreed, I met him at the half way point, Pokeno. Due to minor injuries, neither of us is able to load/unload this kayak (35 kg) on to our roof racks alone due to back injuries. This trailer is the perfect solution to our common problem, backaches. So, I decided to buy the trailer also.

The collapsing feature could be very important if we use this trailer only occasionally (autumn trees pruning). However I discovered that in spite of its excellent design it wasn't a simple operation to fold it up and store it in my garage. The product does not come with any instruction booklet or links to a web site. It was a great big, heavy jig saw puzzle. that weighed over 200 kg.

14 May, 2015

Beware of men in white dust coats

One day as I was driving my car, a Mitsubishi Challenger 4x4, I saw a red light blinking on the dash. So I pulled in at the Mitsubishi agent, Dallas Motors on Victoria street to find out whether there is anything wrong. Three men wearing white dust coats worked on my car immediately. I was watching them because one of them had a computer which he plugged into my car and looking at the monitor as he turned the dials. The end result, the idiot light stopped blinking on the dash. I was given an invoice for $75 which I paid and then I went home [happy] with the quick instant service.

On closer look at the invoice at home, I found that the itemized items included labour @ $70 and material used was $5, a brake lamp! I became unhappy because it cost me so much money to replace just one brake-light bulb. A franchisee should be able to interpret an idiot light on his product, Mitsubishi. Being a blogger, I post about my experience and forgot about it. A few weeks later, I received a call at home. The manager of Dallas Motors asked me politely to remove my post about his shop. Apparently my post has cost him customers. He offered to refund me the money but I declined to accept because this was not about the money. It was about him trying to cheat an [ignorant] china man. I told him that I will not remove my blog; but he is free to sue me in court if he is unhappy. He never did.

Two years later Dallas Motors in Hamilton closed down shop. I am smiling now because I am driving a Nissan! There was in fact nothing wrong with the Challenger; it was a good car; but the service was lousy. That franchise was operated by a con man. Today he would not have lasted 2 years. I would expose him on my wall on FaceBook complete with a photo of his shop. :)


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