29 March, 2017

Hamilton Gardens

I visit the Hamilton Gardens very often. There is always something to see there, especially on Saturdays during the summer months.
Maori warriors
It was a big surprise for me to see so many Maori performing at the Gardens last Saturday.
There is a wheel chair access at the Indian Cha Bagh garden. That is my favourite place where I played my flute because the acoustics is excellent inside the tunnel. The echos are just right.
Recently I have been playing my flute at the Japanese garden because it is very quiet there. Tourists who do not like my music, walk on faster. Those who like my flute, lingers and loiter around until I stop playing. Then they talk to me and I tell them about my Borneo roots...

Chinese garden

27 March, 2017

Borneo, my roots

I came from an island called Borneo which lies 400 km east of Singapore. 20% of this island were British colonies: Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak. I was born in Sarawak. 80% of Borneo belongs to Indonesia. When the British lowered the Union Jack in the Far East, the queen advised the three colonies to join Singapore and Malaya to form a federation and call ourselves Malaysia.

16 December, 2016


16 November, 2016

Magnum 21 trailer yacht

This was the condition of the Moustique when I got it home. All the standing rigs (steel stay wires) have been removed by the owner and kept in a bag inside the cabin. The mast was secured back to front on the yacht. It is obvious that this yacht has not been used for quite a while.

I made a list of jobs to do before launching. There was water in the cockpit (rain water). I need to replace the jockey wheel with a new one with a bigger wheel to tilt the boat up front to drain all the rain water to the back.

1. replaced jockey wheel

I used a trolley jack to raise the front of the trailer in order to remove the old jockey wheel. Estimated original tongue weight was about 85 kg which is too heavy for me to lift with one hand as I flip the jockey wheel with my other hand.


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