23 July, 2014

MH370 the plane that vanished

08 July, 2014

Putting problems?

If you are a golfer and you have problems with your putting. Here is a solution. Play on this course where all the holes are of a more reasonable size.

06 July, 2014

Nikon vs Sony

Apparently there is a difference between Nikon and Sony. The first photo was taken using a Nikon Coolpix. The second one taken with a Sony Cybershot is dull and unlike the natural colour.

Clever dog, Brownie

In Miri, I used to keep as pets, a dog, a duck and a goose. The goose and the duck did not get on. They fought quite often. One day I took this sequence of photos and realized that Brownie was trying to keep the peace. He was a good referee.


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