16 November, 2016

Magnum 21 trailer yacht

This was the condition of the Moustique when I got it home. All the standing rigs (steel stay wires) have been removed by the owner and kept in a bag inside the cabin. The mast was secured back to front on the yacht. It is obvious that this yacht has not been used for quite a while.

I made a list of jobs to do before launching. There was water in the cockpit (rain water). I need to replace the jockey wheel with a new one with a bigger wheel to tilt the boat up front to drain all the rain water to the back.

1. replaced jockey wheel

I used a trolley jack to raise the front of the trailer in order to remove the old jockey wheel. Estimated original tongue weight was about 85 kg which is too heavy for me to lift with one hand as I flip the jockey wheel with my other hand.

12 November, 2016

quarter acre in NZ

Many of my Facebook friends asked me how big is my land. They asked because I have shared many photos of my flowers around my house in Hamilton. Most of them have not been to see the real flowers, only the photos which I shared now and then on my wall.
Very often I shared photos of fruits planted in my backyard. I seem to be living on an orchard with plums, mandarins, lemons, apples, peaches, persimmons, strawberries, Tamarillo and many types of veges.
It is how you utilize your land available for planting that is important; not how big is the land. I have 863 square metres, about a quarter acre, that's all.
The angle from which I take some of my photos also gives the impression that my back yard is huge. It isn't; but still, a lot of lawn for me to mow in summer (every 10 days). It kept my wife very busy because her hobby is gardening. Mine is sailing, golfing and blogging. The beauty is this. I am also taking up photography as a hobby because I used lots of photos on my blogs and FaceBook. I usually use photos  to illustrate my comments on FB.
In fact, I am now blogging on FaceBook. This post is on going (many posts= a blog). All the * (asterisks) will be replaced by words eventually...

I have close to 80,000 digital photos on my computer hard disk and increasing daily. Not all of them are flowers. I also take a lot of photos of my new boat which I bought recently to give me something to do this summer. Life is boring unless we keep busy.

The sailing part is important; but I also enjoy the doing up part, just as much. Some yachties seem to be always renovating or building a boat in their backyard. Many of these boats are never launched. It is part of the hobby.
I also have friends who goes fishing regularly. A few of these actually do not eat fish! Many Kiwi fly fishermen practised catch and release. They catch them and then carefully release them back into the water. Very few Malaysians understand why people do this.

Whenever I share a photo, I get this question in the comment on FaceBook: can eat kah? It seems that Malaysians are hungry all the time. :)

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02 November, 2016

Magnum 21

Lake Taupo
Last week I went all the way to Whareroa village, near Turangi to pick up this boat. I took hwy 1 to Tokoroa, turn right to hwy 41, right again to hwy 32, left turn into Kuratau hydro road, right turn to Whareroa Road, #505.

It was an easy drive of 175 km. and the same route I took coming back from Wellington last month from Turangi to Hamilton. Traffic is much less than using hwy 1 all the way. It is my intention to spend at least one month renovating the Moustique before launching it. For some reason, all the standing riggings have been removed and stored inside by the previous owner. It will be a big jig saw puzzle for me to figure out which line goes where. I have yet to unfurl the main and jib to inspect them properly on my back lawn. There is a spinnaker pole but no sail to go with it.
As a single hander, I shall use this spinnaker pole as a gin pole for raising the mast with the use of the main sheet winch in the cockpit. The mast is pinned firmly at the base. It will be easy to raise the mast from the cockpit by rigging an extra pulley up front and connecting a line to the jib forestay, leading back via the jib fairleads to either winch.

double bed

This boat has been used often on lake Taupo, by its owner. The trailer WOF expired 6 years ago, meaning he did not tow it on the highway. It was kept at his batch away from sea water. Inside this boat, it is in fair condition considering its age; only very minor repairs required and I am all set. It is of similar vintage as the Nanook, my previous boat, a Noelex 22 which I kept for 15 years. I used it for exploring many fresh water lakes and harbours on the North Island.

This Magnum 21 is very similar in layout as a Farr 6000 which is selling at 12K on Trademe, right now. Most of the work required is on the metal trailer which I water blasted on the second day. As far as I can see, there is no expensive welding required for a while. I painted a primer and will do a top coat in a few days. Then go for the WOF. Wanaka, here I come!

two single bunks
Inside the cabin, the layout is very similar to my Nanook with the centre board case in the middle supporting a collapsible table. The front part is a double bed with a marine toilet built-in underneath. The anchor, chain and line sit inside an anchor well, forward. The inside cabin floor is fully carpeted and looks dry.

There is a portable gas cooker with a small tank of LPG gas. Will store this outside with the outboard fuel, for safety. There are racks for 5 fishing rods. Two rod holders are provided on the transom (great storage for my bamboo flutes!)

The 8 hp Yamaha outboard started on the first pull and there is a full tank of fuel under the cockpit seat. I have a long list of 25 items to do before launching! Most boat owners modify their boats to suit their individual requirements. There is a small solar panel for
charging the fish finder (aka depth indicator). I will need to add some navigation lights if I intend to do sailing at night (red, green and white). No power source available and I do not wish to add a car battery; will look for a solar panel solution if there is one. Perhaps the outboard engine can provide enough current for navigation lights?

19 October, 2016

I bought a Laser

my first Laser
I first sailed a Laser in Miri in 1985. That was my 7th sailing dinghy and my favourite boat. I used it a lot. I also had three 470's, an Optimist, Sunfish and a Yamaha Seahoper.

my second Laser
Today I have come full circle, sailing a Laser again after 35 years on the water. This time I had to wear a wet suit because the water is cold at 12*C or even lower in winter.

There was a time when I did not sail at all because I injured my back. I also stopped playing golf at about the same time due to a sore knee joint and declining health, in general.

Noelex 22
I sold my trailer yacht, a Noelex 22
and prepared for a boring retirement in front of the blue light (monitor) in my computer room. My record was 17 hrs on line in one day!

That was no good at all. My back got worse and I became addicted to Face Book, checking posts every 5 minutes or whenever the computer goes [ping]. I was very depressed, waiting for my wheel chair. I stopped travelling home to see relatives. Life was not worth living when you are waiting to meet your maker! :)

Therefore I decided to get well again to get back on the water and the fairways. I formed a few strategies to heal my back pains and bad knee, all without operations. I am afraid of the knife. No one is going to cut me open and look inside. It took me one and a half years; but I am back sailing again this month!

As soon as I sold my trailer yacht in April 2015, I regretted it. In May, I bought a kayak to get back on the water to get strong enough to do what I enjoyed doing most, sailing. I rowed the kayak three times a week, to strengthen my shoulders and back. At the same time I took early morning walks with Christine, my wife, for an hour every day. Simultaneously, I had acupuncture treatment two times a week and took Manuka honey every day with my cereals and Milo drinks, replacing white sugar. I also took gelatin for lubrication of my knee joint. Until now, I still could not figure out how the gelatin in my stomach found its way to that particular knee; but my knee is now pain free. That is good enough for me!

I went on line, seeking ideas from all my FB friends on OS. Thank you every one who contributed suggestions! I am back on the water, sailing once more. Life is great!

To motivate myself to continue the kayaking exercise for a year, I bought something from my bucket list and put it next to my kayak on my front lawn. I looked at it when I go kayaking and looked at it again when I returned home from kayaking. The Hobie 16 did its job very well indeed. It encouraged me to continue kayaking and resume my life on the water, never mind the golfing. I want to go sailing!

gin pole
Soon my interest in sailing, slowly returned. Last winter, I noticed that I began spending lots of my spare time trying to fix up this old Hobie cat. I even designed a gin pole and manual winch combination to raise the mast while sitting down. It is slow but it worked and saved my back at the same time. Success at last. I now have a way to raise the mast without injuring my back again.

I launched and sailed the Hobie cat at Lake Ngaroto three times. It is really too much boat for a single hander. So I decided to sell the Hobie cat and buy some thing smaller and more manageable for me. I bought my second Laser last month (and another trailer yacht, a Magnum 21 on Trademe last night). I intend to use the gin pole method for raising the heavy mast of my Magnum 21 starting next week.; but it will take me at least a few weeks to fix up this very old boat. Some yachties have been known to buy old boats, fixing them up and never ever launch them on the water!

That item on my bucket list, [to sail Lake Wanaka], is moving to the top of the list again! This Magnum 21 will be great for freedom camping on the South Island early next year. It is my intention to do it in 2017, or as soon as I get used to the [Moustique], my 6th sailing yacht in NZ. There is no hurry; the Laser is great for a quickie sail, any time at lake Rotoroa or Ngaroto, near my house. I intend to explore the Abel Tasman national park and Marlborough Sound for a week or two after I sailed lake Wanaka on the Moustique. First I need to have some time to work on the trailer to prepare it for the 1400 km journey to Milford Sound. This time I am ready but my boat is not.

I put Wanaka on my bucket list when I first saw the emerald green water on my second visit to the South Island in the year 2000. I was getting my Nanook ready when my health failed me two years ago. My boat was ready in 2014; but I was not. Since then, I fought really hard to get well again and I think that I am almost ready for this adventure of a life time. Dreams do come true if you pray to the Lord!

Lake Taupo

29 September, 2016


Cobram drive
The Azaleas in Hamilton are in full bloom. These were seen last week along Cobram drive just opposite the entrance to the gardens. I checked out those in the Chinese gardens and was pleasantly surprised.

They were also flowering. I have missed the start because I was visiting Wellington and have not been playing my flute there for a couple of weeks.

There are two large bushes just outside the entrance to the Chinese gardens.

This is the tail end of the bloom; but it is still very awesome.


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