05 October, 2015

Cherry blossoms

There seems to be more than one type of Cherry blossoms in Hamilton, pink , red and white flowers. The most common one is the weeping willow type as shown here.                                                                                                                            


27 September, 2015

Hobie cat

Hobie 16

My Hobie 16 is finally rigged up today. Everything seems to be there and working ok.

04 September, 2015

Q rice

This is the cheapest rice for sale in Hamilton, at $8.99/10 kgm bag. It is tasteless and difficult to eat. It is called Q-rice and imported from Thailand.

I struggled with it for a while and gave up. Now I use this for feeding the Sparrows in my backyard. I do not recommend it for human consumption.

31 August, 2015

Plum blossoms

It looks like a bumper year this year for plums. Last year it was Feijoas.

The lemons are also plentiful, all year round.

A FaceBook group, OS

I was kicked out of a Face Book group, MOTP because I mentioned religion and Islam in my comments. Religion and politics were taboo subjects. The admin was Irene Yong. She felt bad because I knew her personally. She reinstated me a week later, after consultation with her IT expert; but the damage was done. I became determined to have freedom of expression on the web. So I started a new group of my own, named Overseas Malaysians. The name later changed to Overseas Sarawakians.


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