31 January, 2016

Hobie 16

Hobie cat
I sold the Noelex 22 in April 2015. In May, I bought a Hobie 16 which has been on my bucket list for 35 years. I first saw this boat in the early 80's; wanted it but could not afford it at that time. The owner Chris Knight advertised his Hobie in the Salam for MYR13,000. He was the MD of SSB. I was a lowly COE working in the Production department.

26 January, 2016


I had an unpleasant experience at Bunnings yesterday. I went there to buy two storage bins advertised for NZD6.75 each. After payment I checked the receipt and discovered that the cashier has charged me twice as much ($13.49). I told her that I want my money back. She closed the check out and left for her [break], telling me to join the [refund] queue. I refused. She used the phone, called for help and left. He also asked me to join that long queue to get my refund. I approached another check out counter near the small tools section. The lady was also unable to help me. After a delay of 40 minutes I got my money back; which is not what I wanted.

I wanted to buy two storage containers and I did not get them. Apparently Bunnings is selling plastic containers without lids. These are no good without the lid because I cannot stack them up in my garage.

22 January, 2016

Hobie 16

Finally, I repaired the trampoline by using a upholsterer on Bartholomew Drive for $30. His machine is heavy duty and he could restitch the thick material with ease.
I also replaced all the lines used for securing them on the frame. It was an on going process, tightening the lines progressively each day until it is really tight and can hold my weight with ease.

Now it looks tidy and clean. Next job is to identify the part number of the standing rigging (side stays) and place an order for them online.

17 January, 2016

Peach tree

Recently a Peach tree was added to my garden. Christine bought it from the farmer's market at Te Rapa for $35. This year it bears a few fruits. Strong winds caused some of them to fall; but I think the branches are still too small to carry the full load. So, it is good.

16 January, 2016

Shell nurses in NZ

Florence, Helen, Lisa and Christine

In a small clinic in Borneo there were 7 nurses/mid wife. Six of them came to work in NZ.


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