11 August, 2017

Being bored

After I retired from full time work in 1995, I got bored because I was looking at 30+ years of being permanently on leave. My daughter got me to do FaceBook; that was even more boring, [talking to strangers who have nothing in common with you and are mostly trolls and cyber bullies].

The next thing I was introduced to, was just the thing I needed. I became a blogger. The only topic I did was xxx. What is the most interesting subject for any body? me, me ME of course!

I wrote blogs about all MY interests and hobbies. I even wrote a blog on how to blog [FAQ]. I am not kidding. I have more than 70 blogs on the internet. A few of them are private; but most of them are public. Some of them are about sailing: 

When there is wind I go sailing; when no wind I play golf. If the weather is lousy, I blogged. When I cannot sleep, I blog. A blog is not something you can finish doing. You can always edit existing posts or add another new post, another photo or even another video. There is simply no end to this thing called blogging. I strongly recommend this past-time to all of you who use a computer with a full size keyboard.

Most of you here on CF are cruisers, some living on your boats far away from home, friends and loved ones. To find out what you are doing, all they have to do is open and read your blog.

08 August, 2017

Halyard hitch

28 July, 2017

posting a photo on Sailnet

please click on screen shot to enlarge
Posting a photo on Sailnet is impossible. They keep asking me for the URL of my photo. I belong to the old school because I do not have a URL for my photo. I have all my photos on my hard disk on my computer which is a desk-top as shown here; not on any cloud. (it might rain and all my photos may get wet; no way!)

....yes, my computer has a mouse and also a full size key board !!

Seriously, I do not use Photobucket. I use Picasa 3 to manage all my photos on my computer hard disk. Three clicks of the mouse and I can find any one of my 80,000 digital photos to upload to my blog, FaceBook or any where else. I never have the need to know the URL of any of my photos. Now Google has bought over Picasa and killed it. I don't really know for how long I can continue to use Picasa. This is a Blogger blog. I have no intention to learn to use Google+.

Yesterday, I learned from a Sailnet member (titustiger27), how to post a photo on the Sailnet website:

1. upload a thumb nail.
2. right click with the mouse on the thumb nail
3. click [copy]
4. on next reply, click on the [mountain]
5. paste the URL.

Meanwhile, while I was doing all this, I found a more direct way.This web site actually allowed me to upload a photo directly from my computer hard disk. The route was hidden under [manage attachments].

1. click reply
2. write your text
3. click on [manage attachments]
4. choose file (s), upload
5. submit reply (last).

I can post a photo on the forum; but cannot post a profile photo because the document size is too large. All digital photos nowadays are (750kb to 1 Mb); too big for use as your profile photo on Sailnet (size limit: 800x600 pixels or 480kb) No gadget existing today can produce such a small photo.

25 July, 2017

Why sailors retire from sailing

A trailer yacht, with a retractable centre board (keel) is usually stored on the front lawn at home. It does not incur any exorbitant marina (parking) charges. Its proximity allows the owner to spend lots of time making small repairs and adjustments as often as he wishes. This is a plus, compared to a keeler parked at a marina 100 km away.


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