21 August, 2005

job seekers

If you are an immigrant looking for a job in NZ we can certainly help you. Come and talk to Lucia or Sandy at the Migrant Centre. We are currently running a course on CV preparation, job search and other relevant skills.

I have tried the Dinsdale Work & Income office near my house. They are no good. It seems to me that the receptionist there was more interested to give me the run around than help me. She sent me to the other offices at 5-cross roads, Hamilton East and also to see John Lee at the Migrant Centre. All of them refused or were unable to help me. What I needed from them was simply a client number to give to Sandy so that she could get paid. The case managers appear to be keen on one thing only: to find new ways to tell us, migrants politely, why they cannot help us find jobs in NZ!
I now understand why migrant doctors are driving taxis in Wellington! Winston Peters is right. This country doesn't need any more migrants and refugees. What we need to do is find genuine ways to help qualified immigrants, who are already here, find the right jobs in NZ. There is a vast pool of experience and knowledge waiting to be tapped out there.

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