04 August, 2005

Malaysians in NZ

There are many Ibans, Kelabits, Chinese and one Berawan living here in NZ. In the picture is also a visitor from Nigeria! Our penghulu, Edward Lingan, with the hat was born in a long house in Bakong. He grows stone fruits on his orchard in Hastings, Bay of Plenty.

Our host, Barling, a Berawan from the Baram had a golf handicap of 7 from MGC. He lives in ulu NZ on a 6 acre farm in Kati-kati. He is trying to grow avocados and build his own putting green at his kubun. The idea is to chip from a mat on his balcony onto the green.
Most of us were ex-Shell employees, Lutong. Yes, there is life after Shell; but you do have to look really hard to find it!

Here are 5 Malaysian nurses working in NZ: Christine, Lisa, Margaret, Florence and Sherina Lim.

Florence, Helen, Lisa and Christine.

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