27 August, 2005

Working bee, Ngaroto boat club

I have been a member of this sailing club for some years. Every year, we organized a working bee, usually a week before the opening of the summer sailing season. Seen here is Gordon, using a water blaster on the back walls.
 Ross Wrenn is commodore of the club, this year. He got the top job!
 I usually use my weed eater to trim the bushes around the club house.
 Here is Chappy cleaning the windows, after the painting job.
 Ross on the roof cleaning the walls, before painting.
Gordon is putting that water blaster to good use, cleaning the barbecue set with help from Owen and Ross.

Alex, Gordon and Peter laying the concrete floor in the boat shed for the rescue boat.

 Peter van der Stap's cement truck was put to very good use.

Alex laying non slip mats on the wooden jetty.

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