01 September, 2005

sleeping tiger

When I first came to this course at the Migrant Centre, I was dejected and feeling very low because I thought that my life was over. I had no skills and my usefulness as a person has passed its prime. Two years of permanent holidays was nice at first; but I was looking at 20 years of nothing! I could not handle it. I really felt that I was past my used by date! I hanged my head often, not making eye contact with people when they were talking to me. Now it is very different. I have plan A and plan B, even a plan C for my future! Thank you Sandy and thank you Lucia!
This afternoon there was an incidence with a pakeha guy at the park during lunch break when I was playing golf. He was not very polite when he asked me to replace divots. I informed him that if he was not happy he could sue me! He came near and shoved the grass within half a cm of my nose and said: you people are all the same, #*'!.... I became unhappy too because he generalized about migrants and used the f word. I told him that my whanau and iwi were in Taranaki where I was born. I asked him whether he was born in NZ! Was he trying to stop us Maori playing golf, steal our land, the foreshore and seabed or what?! He was dumb founded. I pointed out that he was not very clever because as far as I could see I was the only one holding a weapon! With that I moved into his personal space* deliberately and shoved my 9 iron near his face! Suddenly, he lost interest in me and left the park. I wonder why. Obviously he has picked the wrong victim at the wrong time. I was more than assertive. I was a sleeping tiger!
* Thank you Sandy for teaching me about personal space last week!

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