25 September, 2005

Trueno in Hamilton

Eugene drove this Toyota Trueno home, all the way from Dunedin on the South Island, across on the ferry to Wellington and all the way to Hamilton. On the way, he dragged raced a few Holden Commodores. He said that he saw a few very surprised faces when he overtook them on highway 1.
This red car has a small body; but under the hood is a super charged, 3 litre Toyota Supra engine which gave it a lot of ommph.

This second car is Eugene's pride and joy. He uses it specially for drifting, a new type of motor sports. He moves around corners by sliding the rear wheels to one side instead of turning the steering wheel. It is possible only in rear wheel drive vehicles with manual gear shifts.
Over a year, he stripped the car body down and repainted it. He rebuilt the engine completely. He also added a roll cage inside the cabin.


  1. I remember seeing your blogg all about yatchs. I must be nice to finally enjoy the fruits of your labour. Congrats on having grown up kids. We are still awaiting to bring my parents to live with us here in Australia. My cousin still works for Shell and is posted in Den Haag while another aunt (Freda) just retired from Shell too. Will try to get to NZ when the girls are bigger and our luggages are lighter. God Bless!

  2. Hi,
    Yes, you do have a long way to go yet; another 20 years or so. Smile!
    My blog is huge because that is all I do. I have posted over 200 photos and 3 books. My home page is at http://davidchin38.blogspot.com
    Is your aunty Freda Kadung? Who is working in the Hague? Perhaps I know him.


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