08 October, 2005

Tiger eclipsed

Yesterday, Shawn and I played 9 holes at the Horsham Downs golf course. It was his very first round of golf ever. He enjoyed it tremendously. He has been practising his swing for two months at the driving range (woods) and the practice area at the lake side (short irons). My golf school for new migrants at the Claudelands show ground is now closed due to the presence of the circus. We are using other empty parks in Hamilton. Venue changes every day for obvious reasons! We hope to keep ahead of the HCC enforcers by only using the parks outside his working hours. Smile!

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  1. Hmm, I believe I do have hobbies. =) Bamboo flute and writing books? Indeed interesting.

    Ah, my mom is a tutor too. =) English and Maths, for primary and secondary students only though.

    They aren't really my rabbits. They used to be. Their mother is/was mine.

    Ah, I'm quite afraid of water, I nearly drowned once. But I can stay afloat for a while.=)

    Cook. The kitchen might blow up.

    I tried tennis, not really my type. I play the piano though.

    Golf? *raises eyebrows*

    That I need someone who appreciates it to teach me. Heh, still no thank you. I don't think I can just stand there and putt.

    Wow, big money while playing golf, ah, my dream job.


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