26 November, 2005

A golf handicap!

After I took home the X'mas ham two weeks ago, the Narrows golf club chopped my handicap down to 23. I now play mostly in the mid 90's. I have played over 20 rounds over the past 3 months and is at present sharpening my skills with the long irons. The driver and fairway woods are all ok after 3 years slogging away at the driving range. (For my workout during the cold winter months in NZ, I hit 100 balls daily to keep fit.) My short irons are also doing just fine. I practised those at the lake side. I chipped two balls into the cup last week!
I have practised my 7, 8, 9, P and S daily at the lake side ex-mini golf site for a full year. The council has recently put more sand into the 11 bunkers. I regard this place as my private golf course because I seldom meet any one else playing there in the morning. Some times I hit a 9 wood there because the par 3 first hole at Narrows is 161 metres. The 10th hole is also par 3 at 195 metres. Initially I used my driver for that hole because that was exactly the distance of my drives! I usually hit them over 200M now. Nowadays, I am using a 2 iron or a 3 wood for that hole. (I found out that I am not allowed to tee up more than two club lengths behind the blue markers!)
I found an excellent new way to wait for my golfing partners in the morning. I tee off alone when I am ready, playing hole No 1, then hole No 18; carrying only one or two clubs plus a putter with me. I repeat this process until I see my friends arrive! Then we tee off together. Guess who birdied the first hole?!

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