24 December, 2005

Visitors from Pujut

It was a big surprise for me. Kevin's friends came from Pujut! (left to right)Cyril Chang, a friend of Kevin working in Brisbane, is a grandson of Thomas Chang. Irene Choo (daughter of Choo Hon Siong)and Valerie Lee (grand daughter of Lee Soon, the mechanic across the road from Chin Lip). They were Kevin's church group members in Miri. In the 1958 census there were 32 people living under one roof in Chin Lip's house! He has 7 sons and 3
daughters. Irene is the grand daughter of Chin Lip's eldest daughter, Chin Sin Khiaw. She married Choo Foh Onn, a Shell employee who worked at the Lutong refinery. He helped my father to build our first house in Pujut in 1949. His uncle Choo Yun San was my father's sifu in Chinese martial arts (monkey style). There was another school teaching the preying mantis style.

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