16 February, 2006


The Weta is a large NZ insect. It looks like a large cricket with no wings.


  1. Hi there. I was actually googling "Fiat + poor service + malaysia" when I happened on your site. the title intrigued me since I try to exile myself in NZ every now and again. I live in KL now but studied in Victoria Uni and lived in NZ for 7 years. my foster family there is my other family, so i am lucky. am trying to get back to Nz but immigration laws have tightened. i miss wellington heaps! Have fun! p/s Fiat in msia has very very poor service. i have a punto and it is most times in the workshop because they don't ever fix it right!

  2. Be resigned to your fate. While living in Malaysia just do what the Malaysians are doing. Drive a Kanjil and you will be just fine!


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