03 July, 2006

Eugene's other car

It is a Toyota Levin AE86 which he stripped down and rebuilt with a roll cage inside. He uses this car during the weekends for his drifting, a motor sport in which you guide your car around corners by using the hand brake and clutch to slide the car around instead of just turning the steering wheel.


  1. uncle david, drifting sounds more like a stunt than a sport. :)

  2. Yes, mum also said so. Is it popular among your friends in Kuching?

  3. not that i know of... i'm not that adventurous. :) but i'm quite sure it's here... i do see a lot of "ah bengs" with their modified kancils speeding in the city... :)

  4. I think you are already very adventurous with your kayaking and diving! Would you consider wind surfing? It could be fun.


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