18 July, 2006

new job!

Last week when I dropped off Eugene's old clothes at the Salvation Army shop on Barton Street I applied for a job with the Sallies and I got it. I reported for work at 9 a.m. yesterday. Bronwyn gave me a 10 minutes orientation talk on health and safety issues and that was it. She assigned me to assist the driver Stephen for the day. We loaded up a 3 ton truck with old clothes and other goodies for the two shops at Hamilton East and 5X Roads. We also have a list of pick-ups to do all over town. These are from people who rang up the office asking us to go to their houses to pick up old furniture and other stuff; usuually the left overs from garage sales!
However, some are really good quality items from deceased estates, children who have grown up and left home or people who entered old people's homes and their children have sold their house and they gave away every thing inside their parent's homes. Today we brought tools to dismantle two glass shelves hanging on the wall of an empty house in Chartwell. The job is varied and very interesting; just what I needed to give me a break from golf!
I asked the manager, Bronwyn to let me work every morning this week, except on Thursday (ESOL) and then I will decide later just how many mornings I want to work. The regular guy is on sick leave. They are a bit vague about him. I think he has absconded and the job is mine if I wanted it. The conditions are great with free parking just around the corner at Harwood Street and I can choose the working hours that suited me :o)


  1. uncle, congrats on getting the job! but it sounds a little physical... just watch your back carrying the heavy stuff.

  2. Thanks, I will be very careful. However because of my previous job on oil rigs in Miri and playing golf regularly now, I am still a very fit 62 year old :o)


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