22 May, 2008

The Bonnie and Clyde story

These two people were notorious bank robbers in America! Any way, when they were dating and robbing banks, only Bonnie managed to save money for the first ten years. Clyde spent all his money living the high life as a successful bank robber and trying to impress Bonnie with expensive cars, clothing and dinners etc.

They got married. Bonnie was pregnant and they stopped robbing banks. Clyde found a more decent job and Bonnie stayed at home to look after the baby full time. She had no more income and stopped saving. Clyde, now having a family to look after, grew up quickly. He started to put aside money for the future. He was a good man and he managed to continue to save for the next 38 years until he retired.

At age 65 Bonnie and Clyde found that they were millionaires. However, Clyde was not happy because he found that Bonnie had only saved for 10 years and somehow she ended up with more money than he had.

Do you know why?
Is it because the world is not fair to men?

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