26 October, 2008

Grass carp at Ngaroto

Today, I caught a Koi carp swimming on the front lawn of the Ngaroto Sailing Club, without using a fishing rod (just my bare hands and a laundry basket).

I can see many more big ones swimming in the lake just in front of the club house.


  1. Does it taste the same as the grass carp of Miri?

  2. I do not know for sure because I did not eat grass carp in Miri. Our fish came mostly from the sea: tingiri, duai, kerapu, pasong and of course prawns.

  3. David, I like this photo showing you and the carp. Aren't carps tame compared to haruan (Swk belaow)? You look a bit tanned here; fishing the whole day I suppose?

  4. Hasmadi,
    I caught that fish by hand, not on a hook. It was fun chasing him on the flooded compound of the club. Yes a Koi carp is very tame.

    I am tanned because I spend a lot of time in the hot NZ sun! Mon-Fri golfing and on week ends, sailing. I have retired now for 6 yrs.


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