10 October, 2010

Log jam on the Rejang

I receive these pictures from a friend today. It shows the extent of the log-jam on the Rejang river, one of our major means of communications in Sarawak.

But these following 3 photos of the same river are even more scary than the previous 2 photos. I saw them on a friend's blog and borrowed them. It seems that they have managed to steal our river!

This is not the first time I saw rivers like this. Here are two photos taken  in 1986, showing what  harm, long term tin mining has done to Sungei Lembing, Pahang. The effect is permanent. Today, you can simply walk across the river. When it rains, this river will burst its banks and you were wondering why there were always floods  in that general area. The blocking of the river in Sarawak was due to indiscriminate logging, whereas Sungei Lembing in Pahang was blocked by sand from years of tin mining.

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