15 January, 2011

Screen grab

I just learned to do a screen grab using a Firefox add-on application. I saved it; but had no idea where it went the first time. Then I managed to save it on my desk-top from where I post it on my blog. I used the image to illustrate my reply on the Blogger Help Forum. I can see more uses for images like this, in the future.

Later on, I found the screen grab image saved under a folder, Downloads on Picasa. I did not save it there! Apparently, the image is quietly saved on Picasa for me. No wonder I ran out of memory space last week and has to buy more Google storage space by paying USD5 per year for an extra 20 Gigabytes.

It is the same with our blogs. Whenever I add a photo on my blog, an album is quietly created on Picasa Web Album (PWA) by Google for me! The initial allowance was 7.35 Gb for Gmail and 1 Gb for Picasa. Many bloggers were unaware of the intimate relationship between Picasa and Blogger. Some bloggers deleted the Picasa albums and then discovered that their photos, without warning, disappeared from their blog, a few hours later. It was a great shock to many bloggers that Google can behave in such an underhanded manner. That was very sneaky of them in doing business this way. They have also quietly bought over YouTube. We will see the repercussions soon, probably pay to view YouTube?!

(All my previous posts have been narratives describing my hobbies, my life, my family and my earthly possessions like, cars, boats and houses. This is my very first post used for ranting. With this blog, I have finally become a real blogger. Watch this space!)

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