28 April, 2011

Photos all gone from my blog!

Today I made a very shocking discovery. For some unknown reason all my photos have disappeared from (The game of golf/234). Then I found that another blog (Tanjong Lobang School/3714) has also lost all its photos. I have heard about this problem from some bloggers on the Blogger Help Forum for a while now.
This is the first time that this has happened to me. In great panic, I started to replace all the missing photos on 3714. Before I finished, I discovered that all my photos were missing from another blog (Boat trips/27) and worse of all on this one, which is my main blog (Exile in NZ/38) which has hundreds of photos. I give up! This job is bigger than me.

I tried to recall what I have done recently which may have caused all my photos to disappear like this from so many blogs. I suspect that it was because:
1. I have deleted  a few Picasa Web Albums which contain no photos.
2. I have also fiddled around and changed the status of some PWA from "public" to "visible to those with the links"

I changed all my web albums back to "public" and the next day all the photos reappeared on my golf blog (234) and also on boat trips (27). That was a great relieve! Unfortunately, the photos did not reappear again on my main blog (38). I spent whole day today, checking and replacing all the missing photos on this blog (38). Thank goodness. It would be simply terrible, if I had to replace all the photos on all my blogs. I have more than 60 :)

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