08 July, 2011

Broadband user alert

I have been listening to some old songs from You Tube this week and saving them to my favourite list. Today I received an email alert from Telecom NZ:

"This is an automated message from Telecom to let you know you have used more than 80 per cent of the monthly data allowance for your Telecom Broadband plan, on the phone number 784xxxxx.

This broadband usage alert was sent when we were aware you had exceeded 80 per cent of the monthly data allowance and...

As you are on a flat rate plan you will not be charged any excess data costs if you exceed your monthly plan limit, but you may find we reduce your connection to dial-up speeds..."

This is terrible. I am already paying them NZD93/month flat rate for 10Gb so that I can do my blogs. Apparently, listening to old songs on You-Tube, used up a lot of Gigabytes. What about my unused Gb for previous months? Why are they not carried forward?

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