29 August, 2011

Feeding fish in China

You have to take your hat off to the Chinese. They cross breed Koi with some Amazon fish and produce this feeding bottle sucking fish. They start training them to take bottle feedings at 1 year old. By 2 they are on exhibition in places like parks etc. Each feeding bottle is sold for RMB 10. Most parents and young couples are happy to pay to feed the fish. It is claimed that they suckle like babies and are very cute.

(contributed by Paul)


  1. I hope your friend Paul didn't try tosmuggle the Koi in to NZ. In one lake in the Waikato, they have become pest. 30 plus years ago, there were no Koi in NZ. Now you buy st Tai ping $2 a kilo. They say so many bones like wire gauge.

  2. Paul, another ex-Tanjong student lives in Canada.


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