03 August, 2011

Flowers and food

There were two neighbours  - one family was Christian (Joshua and Mary), and the other Buddhist (Xian and Shu).  The couples were very good friends.  Mary and Shu passed on, leaving Joshua and Xian widowed.  The men missed their wives a lot, and were visiting the grave sites very regularly.  On each visit, Joshua would place Mary's favorite flowers by the headstone, and Xian would leave Shu's favorite dishes.  This went on for a long time, when one day Joshua and Xian had the following conversation:
J:  Xian, why do you leave food?
X:  Shu liked them.
J:  But she is gone, and the food would just go to waste.
X:  Oh no, she ate what I brought.
J:  You are kidding.
X:  I am not.
J:  OK, but tell me when exactly did she come and eat the food.
X:  She came at the same time Mary came to smell her flowers.
J:  Now you are talking crazy.
X:  I am not, and in fact Mary also ate the food.
J:  You know this, how?
X:  Shu told me, and she also told me that Mary did not like my cooking.

J:  What else did Shu tell you?
X:  Nothing much, except that she and Mary live in the same beautiful apartment in heaven.
Keep leaving flowers; but don't forget the food.
(contributed by Sam)

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