21 October, 2011

Long lost cousin

Annie Chin's father and my father were brothers. I met her for the very first time in Kuching last month. She is 74 years old and I am 67.

standing: Eunice, Christine, Rose
David, Annie

It all started when I was waiting for my tour to Shanghai last year. I took a side trip to Sabah to trace my roots. I made many contacts in Sabah. One of these was Teresa, Mrs Steven Chin, to whom I gave Rose's phone number in Kuching. She called Rose a few months later, informing her that she was visiting Annie Chin (her sister in-law) in Kuching!

My own family had always thought that Annie's mother has taken her to live in England. It was not true. She was left as a baby in Kuching with an auntie and has been living there all this time without us being aware of it. It took her 74 years to find us! Suddenly, I have so many relatives in Sarawak. I always thought that all my relatives are living in Sabah.

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