18 November, 2012


Last month I tried cooking a few dishes for myself in Hamilton while my wife was away in Wellington. This was the result. The ingredients came from a packet:

I did not have some of the required items like dried toufu or towgay. So, I became creative and used what was available in the fridge and fresh asparagus:

I soaked the mee hoon in warm water for 15 minutes, dumped in cold water and drained using a collander. During the 15 minutes, I cooked a hard boiled egg, cut the spring onions and the asparagus; defrost the prawns and cooked the gravy from the packet.

Then I added all the chopped ingredients and the mee hoon to the gravy and let it come to the boil for 5 minutes and served immediately:

This second one was my dinner made from the left over laksa gravy. This time, I did not have any more prawns. So I used a slice of salmon. bona petit!

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