26 November, 2012

Land of the free

Spore is land of the free,

For all who works hard with honesty.

In Malaysia money may come easy,

Not for all, only for special Bumi,

Non Bumi pay big money for all sorts of fee,

Including the bulk of kopi money,

But into the pockets of big bosses only,

So the economy of the country,

Will one day in the rich hands only,

And money parked in banks overseas,

Poor folks will sure go hungry.

And live and die in dire poverty.

Cheers, but dont blame you and me.

For each has one life only.

Always remember there is ETERNITY.

So jangan curi-curi sana sini.

Nanti masuk naraka for eternity.

Meratap nangis dalam api tidak mati.

Sedih,regret di sana tidak ada reti.

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