26 August, 2013

Cherry blossoms

The Cherry blossoms in my street are lovely this year. It has taken them almost 10 years to grow up.

Give it another few more years, the blooms can challenge these on Clyde street, near Chartwell.

When I first arrived in Hamilton I saw these blooms on Forest Lake Road and became so excited that I stopped my car and took this photo! In Miri, I have never seen a tree with only flowers and no leaves. Since then I came across a few more trees like this one.

This Wisteria was seen near the Te Rapa swimming pool.

Also these blossoms I saw near Taihape when I drove back from Wellington, recently.
From a different angle, the same tree looked very different!

This is a close-up of the flower. There are so many of them that I don't know which one to focus on.

This Magnolia was seen last week at the Hamilton gardens.

Some close-up shots of the Cherry blossoms outside my house.

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