18 November, 2013

Great Wall vehicles

I test drive this car from the agent on Te Rapa Road. He did not even give me a brochure! He offered to add the following accessories:
tow bar.....$850
side steps..$1000
nurge bar..$900
Total        $3,600

My Mitsubishi Challenger is worth only the accessories as a trade-in! The new car has a 2L petrol engine with 4-wheel drive. I need more grunt than this.

Conclusion: not worth going back again for a couple of years until the range of vehicles available is more comprehensive.

All Great Wall had was leather seats and not much else, to get excited about. Some Waikato dairy farmers bought the manual ute for $17K. They are now stuck with this vehicle for good. No one wants a second hand car made in China. The car agent does not know where the factory is located and he has never been to China. He could not guarantee to get the spare parts for me, if/when I need some. The models offered in Hamilton does not cover a Kiwi's requirement for a 4x4. We need more umph: a diesel turbo or a 3.5 litre petrol engine to tow our rubbish trailer, power boats, caravans or horses. Apparently Chinese don't do these things and they don't really understand the car market! The Japanese are far ahead and the Koreans are catching up very fast with their Hyundai and Kia.

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