28 April, 2014

Digital cameras

I have been using a Sony Cybershot to take digital photos for sharing on my blog and on Facebook for many years. One day the LCD screen broke. It was during Christmas 2012.

I needed a new camera. So I bought a Nikon from Harvey Norman. It was on special for $60. The reason was simple. No body will be buying a digital camera in 2013 because they are using iphones to take a photo and posting it on Facebook instantly. No more down loading the camera to a computer and uploading to FB later.

I decided to buy two Nikons; one for spare because I do not use an iphone! In fact I have not used a mobile phone very much.

These pink Roses were taken using the Sony Cybershot.

This photo on the left was taken using the new Nikon. I can tell straight away that the Nikon has a better lens.

However, this photo on the right was taken using the Sony on [macro] setting. Now I am not so sure which is the better camera. Perhaps I need to pay more attention to the camera settings and use the correct setting for each shot. A setting of around 500 Kb per photo is good for blogs. Recently I have increased my camera setting to 1.2 Mb/photo on the Nikon Coolpix. That could also be the reason why I feel that the Nikon is a better camera. Perhaps it is all in the camera settings?

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  1. If it's a easy-to-use point and shoot you were after, then that was a great bargain. True, so many of us take photos with our phones. There also seem to be a bigger interest for professional DSLR photography over the last few years, perhaps another reason why digital cameras are becoming so cheap these days. Hope you're enjoying your new camera and that it meets your expectations :)


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