18 April, 2014

Irons, all of the same length!

I came across this new idea today. Every golfer has a favourite iron. For me, it is the 8-iron. Imagine now playing with a set of irons, all of the same length as my favourite iron. During my set up, the ball distance from my feet does not change. So, my swing plane remains constant. I can therefore use the same easy swing for all my irons because they have identical shaft lengths and swing weights.

It will become much easier now for the golfer if he does not have to remember to make small incremental changes for each and every club, from 3 to SW and commit each one to his muscle memory. Now, the distance the ball travels, will be decided by the loft angle, alone. Previously, ball distance was decided by a combination of the shaft length, swing weight, loft angle and perhaps some other variables of a set of conventional 'standard' irons. Each manufacturer used different 'standards' for its irons.

More product details available on this link here:

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