05 October, 2015

Cherry blossoms

There seems to be more than one type of Cherry blossoms in Hamilton, pink , red and white flowers. The most common one is the weeping willow type as shown here.                                                                                                                            


This variety can be found everywhere in the western suburbs on many private front lawns. The blooms are slightly pink in colour.

This red type is found along many streets in the Bartholomew drive area. They are planted by the Hamilton city council, used for beautifying new areas, developed less than 20 years ago.

The flowers are bright red in colour.

Areas developed less than 10 years ago, near Farnborough drive, are planted with this pink coloured Cherry blossoms. They bloom 3 weeks later than the red.


There is also a white variety.

Red cherry blossoms

these are less common


This is a new type, not seen before.

Mixture of red and pink flowers.

This is a giant found in some one's back yard.


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