26 January, 2016


I had an unpleasant experience at Bunnings yesterday. I went there to buy two storage bins advertised for NZD6.75 each. After payment I checked the receipt and discovered that the cashier has charged me twice as much ($13.49). I told her that I want my money back. She closed the check out and left for her [break], telling me to join the [refund] queue. I refused. She used the phone, called for help and left. He also asked me to join that long queue to get my refund. I approached another check out counter near the small tools section. The lady was also unable to help me. After a delay of 40 minutes I got my money back; which is not what I wanted.

I wanted to buy two storage containers and I did not get them. Apparently Bunnings is selling plastic containers without lids. These are no good without the lid because I cannot stack them up in my garage.

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