18 February, 2016

Fibre broadband

Today I was connected to fibre broadband. It was quite painless. Three men arrived at noon and completed the process within two hours.

This white cable is used for connection from the terminal outside to an ONT in my computer room.

Outside terminal similar to that copper junction box lower down near the ground which was used for the copper wire previously for the land line to every house.
One man was working inside the ceiling cavity under the roof, pulling the white cable along the roof joist above the pink bats insulation in the darkness inside the attic.

The fibre cable follows the route similar to the old telephone cable
from ceiling down to a black box ONT screwed to the wall. A line connects this black box to the modem on the table behind the computer. Another line connects the ONT to the phone jacks as before, to power up the copper line circuits already laid inside the walls when they built the house 20 yrs ago. The ADSL filters are still there.
completed terminal

splicing the glass fibres

Great care was taken to loop the fibre cable in large circular loops. If this cable is bent the tiny glass fibre inside may be damaged and the signals will be weakened. This will affect the download speed of my computer if I were streaming movies.


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