18 March, 2016

Freedom campers

Last month it was reported that two Frenchmen were driving down an Auckland motorway with one peeing out from a window. The news story went viral because it was captured on Go-pro. People were asking why this happened.

Over the last few years, the councils have been quietly closing down holiday and caravan parks all over New Zealand. Nobody noticed this happening, until now. Apparently these two young men from France were unhappy with their experience here as freedom campers in NZ. It is a very lucrative business to own a fleet of combi-vans, do them up a little bit with curtains on the windows and rent them out to backpackers @ $3000/month.

I have met two separate groups, one at the Hamilton lake car park. The other one at Lake Ngaroto was a young couple from Brussels. They found the places to camp on the internet and used GPS to get there. All of the locations were public places with toilets facilities.

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