28 May, 2016


This morning I was merrily posting comments to a friend on Face Book when suddenly a pop up informed me that I am being blocked for 3 days. I can view FB but cannot comment or post anything, including on private messenger. I have been cut off completely!

I am now looking for ways to protest about this high handed action. I can accept a one day ban as normal; but 3 days is playing God. Face Book sucks! Sam was right. This is cold turkey for me to quit FaceBook so suddenly. It did not take into account that people like me are addicted to FB. I like my char kueh tiaw.

Any way, I need to take stock of the hours I spent each day on line [talking] to cyber friends and people I have not met for over 20 years. Do I really need to [talk] to all these people? Yes, I do, because I hardly have any [real] friends. I left them all in Sarawak in 1995, including my relatives, school mates, church mates, colleagues in Shell where I worked for 23 years and all the people of MIri.

It is not easy to start from scratch in Hamilton when I migrated here 21 years ago. It helps when I took up playing golf; but I found it not an easy task to start from square one again. My wife Christine dare not retire from work for a long time. She is in a worse situation than me because she is an introvert and doesn't like talking to people especially strangers.

I investigated further and read the article suggested:

The reason for the blocking was this photo! I was using it to illustrate my point to Marlene when we were discussing that story about the Thai man being bitten by a python on his penis. I told her to look carefully inside the cereals next time she serves breakfast to her grand son!


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