14 July, 2016

China history

To most westerners, China has only 2 cities, Beijing and Shanghai. The products are inferior and the people uncouth and uncivilized.; air passengers all trying to open the door to go out for a smoko while the toddlers try to pee in the aisle.

China has gone through a lot of changes since my grand father escaped from the famine in 1905. He went to Borneo to tap rubber for the war effort. My father was born in British Borneo, so was I.

I am only now starting to find out what happened there since the Manchu left Tian An Men. Chinese were killing Chinese for a long time. Our school history books did not cover this part of the world. I was ignorant when I was living in Miri; didn't care about Mao or his red book. Who the hell was Chiang Kai Shek? Was he a hero or a villain? Would China be better off today if he had won?

I have been watching some Chinese movies on channel 29 and trying to fill the gaps in my knowledge of Chinese history during the civil war between Chiang and Mao. Chinese were killing Chinese for a long time. The Japanese landed in 1938 and started killing more Chinese! Apparently Chiang and Mao called a truce to kill Japanese during the second world war.

America dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the Japanese left China. Chinese continued their civil war for many more years. The movie was produced in China and the story was biased and very one sided. The baddies were Chiang. Mao was the hero who struggled under overwhelming odds. Kuo Ming Tang was finally defeated; the communists took over China and Chiang escaped with his generals to Taiwan.

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