23 July, 2016

Trump vs Hilary

An opinion shared by an old friend who lived in USA since 1965:


"My political views change over time, depending on what the current issues are. Not that it matters, I don't remember having voted for Democratic presidential candidates since I became eligible to vote (1978). I did so because the candidate for whom I cast my vote held views much aligned with my own, not because I belonged to any political party, or listened to or was persuaded by any other voters.

What I will and can do:

I talk to my family on the current goings on, and had done so for a long time. I try to be objective. Case in point: after my eldest (11-year old) grandson told me what the (bad) consequences would be (according to Trump) if Clinton is elected President, I showed and told him that I had a coin with two heads. He took it and then responded, "but one side is not head". I reasserted, "but I say they are both heads". His reply, "But I see tail on one side, and head on the other." He trusts me completely, but, because he had been taught to always examine before deciding, he took the time and effort to examine the coin. He chose to verify.

As I had done since 1980, casting my vote in each presidential election and living by my choice, I will do the same this year. Unless the political atmosphere changes, I know for sure who is not getting my vote on 06-NOV-2016.

What I cannot do:
I cannot change the political views held by anybody else (outside my own family). There is not a whole lot I can do to alter the national political scene and/or voter sentiment - unless I become a volunteer campaigning for a candidate. That is not in my current plan.

My view of the USA and Presidents:
The country, as governed under the guide of the US Constitution, is strong and has stood the test of time. The US Constitution guarantees, and protects each US citizen's right in voicing his/her own views without fear of reprisal, and such right includes exercising personal choices in electing public officials, presidents included. That's what makes this country unique and great - definitely worth fighting for.

Presidents - "good" and/or "bad" - come and go (after 4 or 8 years), each, while in office, having impact on my personal life. I adapted and adjusted in order to retain and maintain what I treasure most. I will doubtless do likewise after noon on January 20, 2017, when the new President takes office. I doubt that the new president, whoever he/she may be and whatever he/she may now promise, will truly put US national interests ahead of party or personal agenda - sad, but a proven fact of life. I will support the new president, but may still disagree and criticize if/when situations warrant. The office of the US President commands unquestioned respect from all US Citizens, but the presidents (and/or candidates seeking the office) may not necessarily deserve same.

My view of D. Trump:
I know very little of the man. Some very close friends have sent me stories about how wonderful and generous Trump is, and I have no way to validate. What Trump has elected to show of his character (publicly) thus far conflicts with my own values. He could still change my mind - he is now the Republican candidate for the office of the President of the United States, and no longer just another candidate seeking to be such. While I do agree with some of his views, which I hope he will not change, I also feel that he has shown himself to be an inconsistent individual, and therefore am unable to take him seriously on most other issues. The word "hypocrisy" has come to mind when I assess Trump's character, but that's my own mind - not speaking for others.

My view of H. Clinton:
She had been a public figure since around 1992, when her husband (Bill) became a candidate for US President. Much had happened since then, and opinions of her are varied. My personal opinion of her, at least for the time being, is more positive than my opinion of Trump."


contributed by Sam Teo

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