28 July, 2017

posting a photo on Sailnet

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Posting a photo on Sailnet is impossible. They keep asking me for the URL of my photo. I belong to the old school because I do not have a URL for my photo. I have all my photos on my hard disk (in jpg format) on my computer which is a desk-top as shown here; not in any bucket or on any cloud. (it might rain and all my photos may get wet; no way!)

....yes, my computer has a mouse and also a full size key board !!

Seriously, I do not use Photobucket. I use Picasa 3 to manage all my photos on my computer hard disk. Three clicks of the mouse and I can find any one of my 80,000 digital photos to upload to my blog, FaceBook or any where else. I never have the need to know the URL of any of my photos. Now Google has bought over Picasa and killed it. I don't really know for how long I can continue to use Picasa. This is a Blogger blog. I have no intention to learn to use Google+.

Yesterday, I learned from a Sailnet member (titustiger27), how to post a photo on the Sailnet website:

1. upload a thumb nail.
2. right click with the mouse on the thumb nail
3. click [copy]
4. on next reply, click on the [mountain]
5. paste the URL.

Meanwhile, while I was doing all this, I found a more direct way.This web site actually allowed me to upload a photo directly from my computer hard disk. The route was hidden under [manage attachments].

1. click (go advanced)
2. write your text
3. scroll down, click on [manage attachments]
4. choose file (s), upload
5. submit reply (last).

I can post a photo on the forum; but cannot post a profile photo because the document size is too large. All digital photos nowadays are (750kb to 1 Mb); too big for use as your profile photo on Sailnet (size limit: 800x600 pixels or 480kb) No gadget existing today, (camera, iphone, ipad) can produce such a small photo.

Later, I realized that on Sailnet a profile photo is NOT a profile photo. Avatar is profile photo! Problems solved; thanks to Ann, a moderator who described Avatar to me.

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