19 April, 2008

Water falls

I have been playing a bamboo flute since I was 10 years old. It helps me a lot to pass the time after I retired from full time work.


  1. The scenery looks lovely..like a peaceful place to play. I played the recorder for a very long time. Always wanted to learn how to play the flute. Still learning to play the piano.

  2. Piano is good; but it takes a longer time to master. A flute is easier to carry around. I cannot imagine playing a piano in a similar surrounding!

  3. David,

    Wah! You are playing the flute all over the waterfalls in NZ. The jungle looks like that of a tropical rainforest - thick and green.

  4. Robert,
    Originally the whole of NZ was like this. The Europeans chopped down all the trees and grew grass for the sheep and cows!


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