27 August, 2013

Blogger vs WordPress

When I started blogging, one very important consideration for me is cost. Blogger cost me nothing so far. I own more than 70 blogs on Blogger platform. Yesterday I signed up for WordPress just for fun and fiddling around. I found out something very important: all the good and desirable things on WP cost money! As I created my blog, WP kept on asking me for $ at every turn.

This doesn't happen on Blogger. Google don't ask for money when I created my first blog in July 2005. So I created more blogs. Now I have more than 70 blogs. It is a bad idea to buy a dotcom address ($18/year) e.g: Davidchin.com As soon as I stop paying the annual fee, my blog disappears! (I was hoping that my grand children will find my blog one day.)

The blogspot address on Blogger may look strange and ugly at first, but it is free. Therefore no annual fee and so will last forever (unless Google kaput). This is highly unlikely because Google is a big company. So big in fact that Google pays me to blog! When you read my blog you will notice Google advertisements placed on my page here and there. I earn a small amount from Adsense every year! The truth is: My cost is negative!

For a full list of Blogger advantages, please go to this link: http://davidchin342.blogspot.co.nz/p/tags.html

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