17 May, 2015

A collapsible multi purpose trailer

kayak & trailer
Recently I bought a kayak from Trademe, a buy/sell NZ web site. When I asked the seller how he was going to deliver it to Pokeno for me, he said that he was using a special collapsible garden trailer. As agreed, I met him at the half way point, Pokeno. Due to minor injuries, neither of us is able to load/unload this kayak (35 kg) on to our roof racks alone due to back injuries. This trailer is the perfect solution to our common problem, backaches. So, I decided to buy the trailer also.

The collapsing feature could be very important if we use this trailer only occasionally (autumn trees pruning). However I discovered that in spite of its excellent design it wasn't a simple operation to fold it up and store it in my garage. The product does not come with any instruction booklet or links to a web site. It was a great big, heavy jig saw puzzle. that weighed over 200 kg.

I contacted the seller who put me in contact with the manufacturer. He was very helpful; but I still have a few unanswered questions eg what is this?
what's this?
There are 2 of them. Is there a part for fitting into this bracket for holding up the trailer after the draw bar is removed for safe keeping? It doesn't seem practical for one man to try folding up this trailer alone. This is a most important feature. Perhaps future models can be fabricated in aluminium to make it a feasible option.

Mitre 10 mega in Hamilton is selling a smaller version @ NZD 100 less than this one; but theirs is a standard size garden trailer, (not quite long enough for my kayak); but also with a detachable draw bar. This feature is excellent for those who keep their trailer on the front lawn and is afraid of it being [borrowed] at night. A folding trailer can be locked up inside the garage making it a far superior product. This trailer is also bigger by 30%.

If there is enough space you can also keep the trailer and the kayak inside a secure garage as shown here. There is also nothing to unload at home after a tiring day out on the lake or fishing at Tauranga harbour. Yes, my intention is to use it for fishing eventually.

The kayak launching wheels used for putting the kayak on water at location.

This operation can easily be done by one man, lifting about 18 kg or maybe even less.

Removing the front and end panels for carrying longer loads.

draw bar removeable

or the side panels all removed for use as a flatbed trailer.

The front consisting of the jockey wheel and draw bar can be easily detached by removing 2 bolts rendering the trailer resistant to theft, (if stored in the open, on the front lawn.)
The flat bed can be folded in half and stored in a very small space. It can be lifted vertically onto its castors and (freeing the wheels) rolled  to the back yard or maybe even stored inside the garage. This is a big advantage for households that seldom need a trailer for garden rubbish.

Alternatively, the draw bar can be removed and stored separately, locked inside the garage.

Quick release pins to be removed when folding the trailer


  1. Hi, can you tell me who makes these trailers please

    1. I think this is not a mass produced item. I bought a kayak from Trademe. The trailer came with it!


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