14 February, 2016

golf balls thieves

Last Thursday, I was observing Hospice [selling] used golf balls at their shop on Lake Road, Hamilton:-
1. There was no price displayed
2. goods were displayed in used ice cream containers on a low table
3. children were helping themselves to it.

The middle bag of used golf balls was donated by me 3 months ago.  I donated two bags, one was sold? I left a suggested price tag packed inside the net bag: [100 golf balls for $20] which is a fair price for practice balls in Hamilton. I was testing the water (with Hospice) because I have 1200 more in my garage. I wish to give them all away but not like this. So, I went to great lengths to ensure that they are not wasted. It took me 10 years to collect all these used golf balls from the gulleys at Narrows.

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