15 February, 2016

Sparks service has improved

My telephone went dead. So, I googled [sparks] looking for help. I found a chat box. The gentleman's name was Melvin. He was very patient and he helped me. Previously, we called an 0800 number. In my case it is useless because my phone is dead and they assume that every one uses a cell phone. I don't have a cell phone. I am a blogger! Bloggers type, they don't talk.

Recently I applied for fibre broadband. Some men came round on 15/2. They dug up my front garden and then they blew a fibre core through a small tube from the terminal to my house. Then they left. Sparks seems to be operating in such a way that its left hand doesn't know what its right hand is doing. My landline is now dead. What if I need to call an ambulance in a hurry? What good is fibre when you are dead?

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