12 November, 2016

quarter acre in NZ

Many of my Facebook friends asked me how big is my land. They asked because I have shared many photos of my flowers around my house in Hamilton. Most of them have not been to see the real flowers, only the photos which I shared now and then on my wall.
Very often I shared photos of fruits planted in my backyard. I seem to be living on an orchard with plums, mandarins, lemons, apples, peaches, persimmons, strawberries, Tamarillo and many types of veges.

It is how you utilize your land available for planting that is important; not how big is the land. I have 863 square metres, about a quarter acre, that's all.
The angle from which I take some of my photos also gives the impression that my back yard is huge. It isn't; but still, a lot of lawn for me to mow in summer (every 10 days). It kept my wife very busy because her hobby is gardening. Mine is sailing, golfing and blogging. The beauty is this. I am also taking up photography as a hobby because I used lots of photos on my blogs and FaceBook. I usually use photos  to illustrate my comments on FB.
In fact, I am now blogging on FaceBook. This post is on going (many posts= a blog). All the * (asterisks) will be replaced by words eventually...

I have close to 80,000 digital photos on my computer hard disk and increasing daily. Not all of them are flowers. I also take a lot of photos of my new boat which I bought recently to give me something to do this summer. Life is boring unless we keep busy.

The sailing part is important; but I also enjoy the doing up part, just as much. Some yachties seem to be always renovating or building a boat in their backyard. Many of these boats are never launched. It is part of the hobby.
I also have friends who goes fishing regularly. A few of these actually do not eat fish! Many Kiwi fly fishermen practised catch and release. They catch them and then carefully release them back into the water. Very few Malaysians understand why people would do this.

Whenever I share a photo, I get this question in the comment on FaceBook: can eat kah? It seems that Malaysians are hungry all the time. :)

One of the many advantages of having a large backyard is having space to dry out my spinnakers and gennakers and still have room for my hammock.

Plum blossoms
Winter time, my garden is sleeping.
veges in a box
I also have some flowers on my front lawn.
I love my rotary hoist; I can dry 4 bed sheets, 12 towels and every thing else thrown out by my washing machine! The whole contraption rotates in the wind, meaning on a clear day, 3 or 4 hours, all the clothes will be dry. The humidity in NZ is usually very low compared to tropical Borneo.

I have learned to crouch down in small spaces in order to [frame] my shots, so that I have some flowers in the fore ground.
Gazanias on the front lawn
not much going on here
frosts on the back lawn in winter.
I had to lie down on my tummy in order to [catch] this hedge hog who resides in my back yard somewhere...
Last year's yellow Roses
These flowers on the right are from my succulents.
Every year these pink Roses appear in large bouquet.
2013 was a very good year.
The yellow Roses are not yet in bloom this year.

Some Lavendar near the back fence.
Alstroemeria in the front near the gate. They are very invasive, trying to smother my Roses all the time and had to be pruned back regularly.
Beyond the gate is my driveway.
My trailer yacht is usually kept on the right side of the front lawn. Marinas are hugely expensive in NZ. Many keelers are kept all over NZ at anchorages rented from the local council for very reasonable annual fees. However you will need to keep a small rowing dinghy handy on land in order to get on board your larger yacht and tow it behind you wherever you go.
I find that a big hassle because on my smaller trailer yacht, the keel can be raised by winding a manual winch. This way I can beach my boat in order to get ashore. This is practical because I sail mostly on the fresh water lakes which has no tides.
One cucumber and a Silver Beet
A single orange colour Rose.
A rare view of my front garden all empty; without boats in 2014
happier days
Pruning every other year or so; it is a big job, needed to keep the trees in check.
Roses in winter mode.
Plum blossoms in early spring.
daisies at a park near my house.
Last August, cherry blossoms on the road outside my house.
2013 was a very good year, indeed!
There were flowers on both sides of the pathway through my back yard.
all the way to the back fence...
the meadow experiment with wild flowers was a success at the back garden.

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